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Our Partner Agencies

There's no secret we face a homeless crisis in Los Angeles and have for some time now. Families face homelessness for various reasons - some face a temporary set back and are quickly back on their feet, for others, it might mean the beginning of a downward spiral that can lead to the breakup of families, substance abuse, and mental illness; and for others it's a case of chronic homelessness stemming from years of mental illness and/or generational deterioration of family and community structure. 


One of our agency partners includes a homeless shelter that serves women and their children who have recently become homeless. The shelter provides spiritual guidance, life skills training, community resources, financial training, parenting, case management and other social services. 


Another shelter partner is a program that offers emergency and transitional housing to women and their children who are recovering from recent domestic violence. The DV situation caused the families to become homeless. As with the homeless shelter, the DV shelter provides 24/7 support, legal services, and teach the women and children new life skills.



About or Interns

Our "interns" are graduate level psychology and social work students attending accredited universities and colleges. MFT/CFT, LPCC, MSW, PsyD, and PhD students completing trainee, practicum,and internships, who want experience in serving underserved, low-income, diverse clients in South Los Angeles and surrounding areas. 

Re-entry Programs

We are fortunate to serve two partner agencies serving primarily youth. One is a charter high school located near downtown Los Angeles. According to the school's 2014-2015 School Accountability Report Card, the school is comprised of 97% Latino-Hispanic and 2% African American students, and 98.2% of the students are socially economically disadvantaged. The school prides itself on its ability to prepare its students for college, evident by their 94% graduation rate, compared to the districts 70%. Parent participation, small classrooms, and encouraging students to seek the free supportive confidential counseling available to them on campus all contribute to the school's successes. Students can self-refer and come in to talk to a counselor about anything concerning them.


Another one of our partner agencies serving youth is similar to the charter school in that it serves low-income diverse youth. They offer after school programs in various communities. Activities include sports, music, technology, art, academic support, etc. The agency also understands that students and their families are often struggling with emotional distress, family traumas, behavior problems, domestic violence, and dating drama. They are also very supportive of the idea of offering their families the opportunity to seek supportive counseling services provided by SCTC free of charge to the families. 


Our re-entry partner agency serves men and women returning from the prison system. The men and women are from various backgrounds, and have served short and long-term sentences, some of them were "lifers" out on early release/parole.  This program is a full, comprehensive program, inclusive of mental health, substance abuse recovery, back-to-work training, social training etc. SCTC has the privilege of offering training to our students at this site. This site is a particular favorite for our students interested in forensic psychology.


Women and Children in Shelters:

Domestic Violence and Homeless




Charter Schools and After-school Programs

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