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Eye on DV

This month we begin to work with our families on how to adjust to the hot summer days living in Los Angeles. Some of our families struggle with how to and what to do during the summer, now that kids or out of school. 

We welcome our Summer Practicum Students



Now is the time to submit your application for practicum placement for  2017-2018 Fall/Spring. Interviews will be conducted in late February or early March 2018. Email us and request an invitation for the interview day event.

We are in full swing of the summer, park visits, summer camps and growth spurts. Our doctoral students prepare for their termination sessions, they pass the baton to the summer interns, who in turn "hold down the fort" until the new interns arrive in late August. Dr. Clive Kennedy, our Training Director has prepared an Orientation and full training program for the 2018-2019 academic year, as we continue to serve the community, 

In the Swing of Things

In addition to weekly supervision, SCTC students participate in weekly trainings covering a wide variety of subjects affecting families and communities. 

This video is one of many we use in training as part of our discussion regarding the effects of domestic violence on the developing brain. 

And So the Summer Starts

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